hands-on farm girl finds art in massage

I see and feel bodies as puzzles that I get to solve.
— Candace Parmer, Orthopedic Massage Therapist, OR License #13760

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Functional and Structural Massage & Bodywork - University of Western States

Art & Design - Texas Tech University

Food & Nutrition - Texas Tech  University

Master Veg Program - NWVeg's Program

Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition - Certified - eCornell University instructed by Dr. T. Colin Campbell Foundation

Thermography - Certified Clinical Thermographer - American College of Clinical Thermology



Heroes & Teachers

Bill Musser, Candace Pert, Carrie Ebling, Larry Novick, Tom Myers, Erik Dalton, James Waslaski, Ben Benjamin, Rich Phaigh, Rich Priest, John Upledger, Leon Chaitow, Whitney Lowe, T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn, John McDougall, Neal Barnard, Doug Lisle, David Pimentel, H. Gilbert Welch, Archie Bleyer, Peter Leando, Laura Esserman, Joe Dispenza.


“Hands On” Life Experience & Interests

At 2 years of age, was given “Teach Your Baby to Read” course
At 3, mixed, baked and unmolded perfect mud pies
At 4, made five “from scratch” cakes in one day unassisted
At 5, began painting with grandmother’s oils
At 23, shed 50+ pounds
Gardener of veggies, fruits, flowers, herbs, mushrooms
Sports -  tennis, golf, whitewater rafting, yoga, pilates, biking
Other loves - painting, mushroom hunting, cooking, nutrition