IRIS Arrives - Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging

IRIS is a digital infrared thermal imaging camera for medical use.

I became a thermographer about 3 years ago.  A picture taker, essentially.  Thermography is exciting technology; it reads the body’s autonomic infrared thermal patterns on the skin which indicate the state of function of virtually all body parts and systems.

I recognize musculoskeletal issues in the images but so much more can be seen which I cannot interpret so I've partnered with a company of interpreting MD’s, each with over 300 hours of training to recognize thermal patterns of autonomic and metabolic dysfunction, inflammation, injury and healing, earliest stages of cancer even, making it an excellent tool for minimizing radiation from screening mammograms.  Thermograms have no radiation, no pain, no compression and are FDA registered for use in conjunction with mammograms, and can reduce the need for them as long as thermograms are showing stable thermal patterns, i.e., no angiogenisis from increased blood supply flowing to newly forming tumors.

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